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   Under the instructional guidance and media direction of Media Producer, Leigh Stimolo, and the script supervision of Research Biologist, Dr. Alain Viel, a number of staff, preceptors, graduate and undergraduate students have participated in the content creation, production, and post-production of the Biological Sciences Multimedia Project.  BioVisions and Program Director, Dr. Robert Lue, would like to thank them all for their efforts and hard work.

Production Credits (Alphabetical Order):

Claire Bailey
Lauraine Dalton
Rich Dearborn
Dion Dickman
Adam Fagan
Carleton Gould
Jessica Gray
Ridgley Fisk Green
Jay Harper
Haley Hemen
Jack Howard
Steve Keirstead
Ethan Levesque

Clark Magnan
Kenna Mills
Darcy Mootz
Erica Pantages
David Pasternack
Priya Rajdev
Christine Rodriguez
Eliza Stephens
Leigh Stimolo
Anna Suybowski
Tom Torello
Cheryl Vaughan
Lansing Wagner

This internal production site contains payment forms, storyboards, instructional materials and outlines, and production/post-production meeting notes.

*Faculty Spotlight thanks to Dr. Daniel Branton and Dr. Michael Laub.

*Special thanks to Media Production Center for their Voice Over Recording Sessions on this project and to our Intro and Outro Host talent, Dr. Robert Lue. Additional script supervision thanks to Christine Rodriguez.

Video animation work by Matt Bohan and Leigh Stimolo.

This initiative brought to you by Harvard University and
the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.